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This page is designed for present forever families.  It will contain  photos of all the current pups we have for their forever families to view.  If you are viewing this page and are not a current forever family this page will help you get an idea of what our beautiful puppies look like. 
If you like the looks of any puppy you see on this page please do not hesitate to contact me so we can help you become a forever family.

207-270-0067 (call or texting is faster response time)

To navigate through the slideshows simply hover over the beginning photo and a tool bar with arrows will pop up.  You can manually go through the photos using the arrows or chose a speed for the photos to go automatically.  Feel free to click on the beginning photo to watch the show in a larger format.  
The mother's name, pups name, and pups age will appear at the TOP of each photo.  

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Our Puppies

Why Choose Log Cabin Labradoodles?

When researching the purchase and adoption of Australian Labradoodle Puppies, future Labradoodle owners want to invest their time and money in a puppy that reflects the highest standards of the breed. At Log Cabin Labradoodles, each sire and dam is lovingly raised in a warm and caring environment that allows daily interaction and individual attention. This allows Log Cabin Labradoodles, as breeders, to evaluate each sire and dam’s temperament and health before being bred. This attention to detail produces Australian Labradoodles that represent the best of the breed—loving, healthy, loyal companions.

We place puppies in Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire homes, and elsewhere throughout the New England area of the United States. Our puppies come from a clean environment where they receive plenty of fresh air and outdoor play. They are well cared for and receive professional veterinary attention from the day they are born. All of the sires and dams are treated well and live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Important reasons to choose a Log Cabin Labradoodles’ puppy include:

  • An experienced, responsible facility, Log Cabin Labradoodles has been in operation since 2003,
  • Log Cabin Labradoodles’ Owner and Breeder is a full time,stay-at-home puppy mom. This permits constant monitoring of your growing puppy,
  • Only the best of the breed are selected to propagate future generations of Australian Labradoodles, 
  • Our sires and dams have undergone a full line of health tests to ensure they are in perfect health and free from genetic defects,
  • Wishing to operate a facility that promotes healthy living and a safe environment for all of our dogs, Log Cabin Labradoodles is a state licensed facility.

Our Puppies

Log Cabin Labradoodles focuses on quality. We are proud of every Australian Labradoodle puppy that has been raised in our home. Knowing that our puppies will live in homes with children or disabled individuals requiring a service animal, Log Cabin Labradoodles ensures that each puppy receives constant attention in a loving, healthy environment.

New Australian Labradoodle puppies receive daily evaluation in our Maine facility in order that we learn which puppy will best match our applicant families. We have a variety of dams and sires available in small miniature, miniature, large miniature, small medium and medium sizes. Whether you live in an apartment or on acres of land, we believe one of gentle-tempered Australian Labradoodles will nestle nicely into your family.

We supply you with important information so that your new family member can adapt well to the new environment long before your puppy's arrival. This includes what type of supplies and food Australian Labradoodle puppies need to thrive.

If you have any questions that have not been answered on our website, we would be happy to answer them. Be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for detailed information about Log Cabin Labradoodles' Australian Labradoodle puppies.

If you are interested in adopting Australian Labradoodle puppies from us in Maine, contact Log Cabin Labradoodles today.


Puppy Pictures

Log Cabin's Gracie
Scarlet and Mr. Right Puppy

Photo courtesy of Laura Burns
Log Cabin's Miss Cindy's Bella
Marlee and Chowder Puppy

Photo courtesy of Cindy Nunez
Log Cabin's Lady Bella
Chutney and Willie Nelson Puppy

Photo courtesy of Gale Loveland
Log Cabin's Miss Coco
Bindi and Tully Puppy

Photo courtesy of Kathy Molusis
Log Cabin's Ruby
Etta and Bandit Puppy

Photo courtesy of Kristen Syphers
Log Cabin's Cup a' Joe - 6 1/2 months
Chutney and Tully Puppy

Log Cabin's JW and Jack
Scarlet and Mr. Right Puppies

Photo courtesy of Carol Slagle
Log Cabin's Charlie (with Mackenzie)
Etta James and Chowder Puppy

Photo courtesy of Michael Grey
Log Cabin's Oscar
Hunny and Oliver Puppy

Photo courtesy of Caralyne O'Sullivan

Log Cabin's Daisy Murray
Chutney and Tully Puppy

Photo courtesy of Don Johnson
Log Cabin's Goldy
Scarlet and Mr. Right Puppy

 Photo courtesy of Brigit & David
Log Cabin's Norman
Marlee and Cuppa Chowder Puppy

  Photo courtesy of Susan Acquaviva
Log Cabin's Drover
Chutney and Willie Nelson Puppy

Photo courtesy of Marie Reggio
Log Cabin's Dooley
Chutney and Tully Puppy

Photo courtesy of Mary Burke

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